Växtkännedom v 7


                       Växtkännedom v 7
1. Häckberberis – Berberis thunbergii
2. Äkta kastanj – Castanea sativa
3. Snödroppe – Galanthus nivalis
4. Blåtry – Lonicera caerulea
5. Sötkörsbär syn. fågelbär – Prunus avium
6. Skogsek – Quercus robur
7. Kaskadpil syn. hängpil – Salix x sepulcralis ‘Chrysocoma’
8. Rönn – Sorbus aucuparia
9. Oxel – Sorbus intermedia
10. Tulpan – Tulipa sp.



One thought on “Växtkännedom v 7

  1. This was a frustrating one to record…It works like this: I record one instrument to my external hard drive, then I have to hear it clearly to record the next instrument (multi-tracking) but the Ext Hard drive keeps skipping & jumping so I cant hear what I’m supposed to be playing along to which really messes up the timing. I’m gonna get a new drive in a month or 2 so that should fix it 🙂


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