Växtkännedom V 5

Växtkännedom v 5
1. Coloradogran (vitgran) – Abies concolor
2. Blyerts-en – Juniperus virginiana ‘Grey Owl’
3. Sydbok – Nothofagus antarctica
4. Kejsarträd – Paulownia tomentosa
5. Asp – Populus tremula
6. Kaukasisk vingnöt – Pterocarya fraxinifolia E
7. Korallpil – Salix alba var. chermesina ‘Britzensis’
8. Sälg – Salix caprea
9. Fläder – Sambucus nigra
10. Krypidegran (mattidegran) – Taxus baccata ‘Repandens’


You can download all the songs for free as usual, but if you’d like to help out a poor musician please feel free to donate 🙂 No sum is too small! 😉


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