Växtkännedom 2016 V2




1. Koreagran – Abies koreana

2.Dvärgtrådcypress – Chamaecyparis pisifera ‘Filifera Nana’

3. Tibast – Daphne mezereum

4. Himalaya-en (mattblå-en) – Juniperus squamata ´Blue Carpet´

5. Lingontry – Lonicera pileata

6. Gran (Rödgran, Julgran) – Picea abies

7. Liten Weymouthtall – Pinus strobus ´Radiata´ (syn. ´Nana´)

8. Slån – Prunus spinosa

9. Paraplyalm – Ulmus glabra ´Pendula´

10. Mistel – Viscum album




4 thoughts on “Växtkännedom 2016 V2

  1. Dear Brian
    Soooo sorry to hear about your situation. We miss you! Fingers crossed for a better solution!
    Your songs have really made my days, mornings and sleepless nights. Thank you for all help at the tests. Will be so greatfull if you have the time to give us a song or two (or even 10 ;-))
    Take care, hope to see you soon.
    Best regars, Ulla

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Ulla! Wow! Thanks for the donation 😀 Yesterday I had such a bad day & today I found out I had 2 Donations! one from you & one from Sandra, Thanks Sandra! & I Logged in to Arbetsformedlingen website & I had a message from an Employer asking me if I wanted a Job!! It’s a printing job which is what I used to work as, it’s only “visstidsanställning” but It’s a start 🙂 I’m busy tonight but I’ll get started on the new Flower Power Song tomorrow 😉 Thanks again!


      • “Plötsligt händer det” as they say in the ad for some lottery 😉
        Take care and fingers crossed for the job!
        We´ll keep in contact 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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