I would just like to thank yous for the Donations! If you’re wondering why there was no acoustic guitar on the last song, it’s because my Guitar fell to the floor at Xmas & I was too slow to catch it! & the tuning head broke off 😦 So now thanks to your kind donations I can buy a new set 🙂

I’m busy tonight, but I’ll try to record & upload the new song tomorrow wednesday 27th

P.s. It made a great sound as it fell to the floor…I wish I had recorded it 😉


Växtkännedom 2016 V2


There won’t be any more Photos on here since I no longer study, I couldn’t afford to get to school this month so I had to Quit…But If I have time I’ll keep doing the weekly songs.

Good Luck Plant People 🙂

EDIT: Here’s the “Lyrics” 😉


1. Koreagran – Abies koreana

2.Dvärgtrådcypress – Chamaecyparis pisifera ‘Filifera Nana’

3. Tibast – Daphne mezereum

4. Himalaya-en (mattblå-en) – Juniperus squamata ´Blue Carpet´

5. Lingontry – Lonicera pileata

6. Gran (Rödgran, Julgran) – Picea abies

7. Liten Weymouthtall – Pinus strobus ´Radiata´ (syn. ´Nana´)

8. Slån – Prunus spinosa

9. Paraplyalm – Ulmus glabra ´Pendula´

10. Mistel – Viscum album



You can download all the songs for free as usual, but if you’d like to help out a poor musician please feel free to donate 🙂 No sum is too small! 😉